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Westech, A Preferred Global Tech Partner

The computer won’t turn on, the office network is down, computers have been hit by ransomware or worst of all, hacked. All of these issues aren’t just problematic to deal with, but also cost precious time and lose companies money. Westech is now solving these problems in South Africa and around the globe. Most [...]

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Office for Mac

Apple is expected to release High Sierra to customers. We strongly recommend that you back up your existing data before trying the software. If you encounter issues using Office 2016 for Mac on High Sierra, please send us feedback so we can address them, On October 10, 2017, mainstream support will end on Office [...]

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Cyber Hygiene

Getting the right IT security hygiene solution to protect against the threat of cyber attacks is crucial. Fortinet has announced their latest findings on the Global landscape Report. Everyone contributes to the hygiene of the network- make your environment as hard to penetrate as you can. This report reveals that poor cybersecurity hygiene and risky application usage enables destructive [...]

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Social Media for SMMEs

Why SMEs should use social media… and How If you own a small or medium business, you’ve either tried social media, using it successfully or too scared to even start. There’s a simple reason for using social media: it’s the simplest place to introduce new potential customers to your brand. There’s a simple reason for [...]

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Why is IT security important?

Hackers and digital thieves design new ways to access your private information, bank records and other sensitive data every day.This means that at any second, someone could access your data server maliciously and steal your data or worse, hold you to ransom.We’ve got a few interesting tips to help you stay safe and keep your [...]

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Why start your IT Network with Westech?

Needing to expand your IT Network? Start your Network with Us. By building your IT Infrastructure properly the first time, you save millions on wasted time and the wrong solutionsIf your business is growing quickly and your IT needs are growing rapidly, it’s probably causing you a bit of trouble. Your possible solutions; either go [...]

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Switch to Westech IT Support

One of the biggest barriers to switching to a better IT Company is all of the fuss, downtime and potential data losses which can result from switching to a new system If you’re experiencing downtime or poor service, it’s time for you to change IT Companies. At Westech, we pride ourselves on our immediate responses [...]

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