Hackers and digital thieves design new ways to access your private information, bank records and other sensitive data every day.

This means that at any second, someone could access your data server maliciously and steal your data or worse, hold you to ransom.

We’ve got a few interesting tips to help you stay safe and keep your data out of harm’s way.

The latest threat in security is becoming more and more pervasive, being spread through email attachments. Ransomware, once they have infected your computer, blackmail you into handing over large sums of money in exchange for your data back.

Often these threats have a timer which, upon reaching zero, activates a data removal protocol, which deletes all of the information on your machine or server. .

Because these threats change so frequently, it’s essential that your security protocol are always updated. Old security software cannot recognise new threats which could harm your server or devices.

Updating security tools can be time consuming, so we recommend scheduling it for when your business is closed, like late at night or before 5am.

This means maximum uptime and you’re always prepared for any threats that may enter your network via staff’s personal emails, shared files or emails from untrusted sources.

At Westech, we take the security of your servers, data and websites seriously. We know what threats are out there and we know how to protect you. It’s not enough to one basic anti-virus tool and rely on its built-in firewall.

You need to build a secure environment with several layers which together make up a secure, safe network. A critical part of this is a Recovery Plan with integrated security and comprehensive secure backups.

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