At the moment automation is directly affecting IT jobs by eliminating menial tasks and often speeding up process. However, because of our 24 years of IT experience at Westech we know that Helpdesk benefits both companies and end users – which is why we believe it is here to stay.

Founder & owner of Westech, Roy Westfehling believes that in the IT industry the company offering the fastest human response and excellent customer service – wins.

Ultimately, the majority of the business community still want to talk to a real person who can be responsible for getting the job done. Not everyone enjoys being attended to by an automated email, voice prompt or a system – all of which lack an emotional connection. Automation, though it eliminates menial tasks and can speed up processes, lacks the crucial human element which ensures a more hands-on, understanding service.

This is why there will always be a human operator when you phone 911. We believe it should be the same when a business has a problem regarding technology. This is why helpdesk is so important in resolving and talking you through any problems you might be experiencing.

The truth is we’ve become very dependent on technology, which is why when we have a problem it needs to be fixed in a quick and seamless manner. This is where an IT Support helpdesk comes in. Having someone who can listen to you and understand your problem in order to allocate the right solutions is what ensures that problems can be solved the in best possible way.

An effective helpdesk requires the combination of great software, well trained staff that can operate it using real world solutions. Westech uses ConnectWise and we ensure our staff is highly trained to operate this – we have this combination to be highly effective. An automated system can’t do this.

At Westech we believe staff in the IT industry who work with helpdesk require client service training every quarter. The speed at which a helpdesk person responds is critical. At Westech we try to make this as immediate as possible for support and for our sales service desk, it is within 5 minutes.