One of the biggest barriers to switching to a better IT Company is all of the fuss, downtime and potential data losses which can result from switching to a new system

If you’re experiencing downtime or poor service, it’s time for you to change IT Companies. At Westech, we pride ourselves on our immediate responses to support requests and our expert advice when building and maintaining your IT infrastructure.
What’s more, we promise you zero downtime when switching to Westech. We’ll increase security, protect your existing data and transfer to your new infrastructure in under a day.

Zero downtime when switching
Switch in 1 day
Fast & efficient
Improve security
Keep your data safe
Eliminate Down time permanently

Click here to use the Westech IT Downtime Calculator to see how much you lose every hour your network is down

IT Network downtime can destroy productivity. An unreliable internet connection, out-of-date hardware and inefficient software can lead to frustrated employees who become unmotivated and potentially resent the IT Systems your company has in place.
Westech provides a simple solution to your IT problems and guarantees a smooth and complete switch from your current unreliable service provider to our systems. We understand the needs of businesses in South Africa and are committed to partnering with you to ensure you always stay connected.