Artificial Intelligence:  A quick explanation of AI in layman’s terms

What is AI?  AI (Artificial Intelligence) is simply the science of teaching machines to do tasks humans would otherwise need to do. By programming a machine to understand and process visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, [...]

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Westech Turns 24

Westech started from humble beginnings 24 years ago in a garage. We have become a strong business over time, learning and adapting to the constant and fast paced change and development in our great industry. [...]

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Why downtime can cost you your business.

“Downtime” is defined as“system unavailability”. Even if an application is “up and running”, it is still considered downtime if the application can’t be used.  (As per To determine the effects this has on your [...]

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Why a trusted IT Partner and a Support Agreement is absolutely necessary for your business’s success:

All businesses have become reliant on technology. As such the ideal partner in technology needs to ensure you are up and running and have minimal downtime whilst aiming to save you money in the long [...]

Why a trusted IT Partner and a Support Agreement is absolutely necessary for your business’s success:2019-04-01T11:26:17+00:00

We match your IT Strategy with your Company’s business strategy

Having an outside IT Support provider saves you money in the long run, improves your productivity and adds to your bottom line. With technology evolving faster and faster new tools and systems emerge that can [...]

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Why business owners, CEO’s, MD’s need to make technology a priority in their businesses

Technology has become an integral part of most – if not all – businesses. In fact, companies have become so reliant on technology that without the right software, hardware or efficient IT support businesses will might [...]

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Westech is on the move

It's a big day for Westech, after almost 12 years spent operating out of Sunninghill, we are moving our offices back to Rivonia where we were initially based for 12 years. Our new modern office [...]

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What IT Network Downtime means for your business

IT Network downtime is something that probably affects your company, so you know that you lose not only the time your network is down, but you lose all the momentum you had before your network [...]

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Office for Mac

Apple is expected to release High Sierra to customers. We strongly recommend that you back up your existing data before trying the software. If you encounter issues using Office 2016 for Mac on High Sierra, please send [...]

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Cyber Hygiene

Getting the right IT security hygiene solution to protect against the threat of cyber attacks is crucial. Fortinet has announced their latest findings on the Global landscape Report. Everyone contributes to the hygiene of the network- make your environment as [...]

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Roy Westfehling speaks about JT Foxx

In January 2016, I attended a JT Foxx event at the Silver Star Casino. I almost did not attend this event because it was fairly far out of my way and looked for excuses not [...]

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Westech Protects you from Ransomware

Ransomware is becoming increasingly common, with widespread epidemics affecting hundreds of thousands of networks across the globe. Don’t think it’s just corporates or big companies that are affected. We deal with cases every week [...]

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Ransomware and Ransomware Protection

Just last week, the world was hit by the biggest ransomware attack in history. Known as WannaCry, WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r 2.0 and WCry, Thousands of organisations have been affected the British NHS, several Chinese private and [...]

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When Do I Need to Build a Strong IT Network?

As an entrepreneur or business owner, it is crucial to have a handle on your growth and expansion strategy. Developing strategic plans for your infrastructure means you're able to make budgetary arrangements and build your business [...]

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Everyday Steps to Avoid Hackers

Staying safe, everyday. It’s important that you take steps every day to protect your private information, pictures, conversations or banking information. Hackers lurk everywhere, waiting for the opportunity to gain access to sensitive data which they [...]

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Social Media for SMMEs

Why SMEs should use social media… and How If you own a small or medium business, you’ve either tried social media, using it successfully or too scared to even start. There’s a simple reason for using [...]

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Why is IT security important?

Hackers and digital thieves design new ways to access your private information, bank records and other sensitive data every day.This means that at any second, someone could access your data server maliciously and steal your data [...]

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Why start your IT Network with Westech?

Needing to expand your IT Network? Start your Network with Us. By building your IT Infrastructure properly the first time, you save millions on wasted time and the wrong solutionsIf your business is growing quickly and [...]

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Switch to Westech IT Support

One of the biggest barriers to switching to a better IT Company is all of the fuss, downtime and potential data losses which can result from switching to a new system If you’re experiencing downtime or [...]

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Upgrading Your Connectivity

In the last two years, a number of superior connectivity options have become available across South Africa. Ultra-fast connectivity is an essential part of ensuring high levels of productivity. Nothing drains energy and enthusiasm like a [...]

Upgrading Your Connectivity2017-09-13T08:18:21+00:00

Why Use Google Drive?

Wondering where you should save your files for safe keeping and easy access? Google Drive is great for: •Unlimited storage - Google gives every user 15 GB of online storage space, which is shared across three [...]

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Why do I Need IT Outsourcing?

As your business grows from a few people in a small office to a medium to large enterprise employing an entire staff so your IT needs change with IT Outsourcing. It's important to grow your IT [...]

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Get the Fastest Internet Connection

Stop wasting time with service providers that don't understand your business. We're here to give you the best service on the best connection for your company. Our comprehensive Connectivity service range means that there is a [...]

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