Westech ensures 81% more uptime in less than one week and we’re known to be three times faster than our competitors. We insure more uptime, less downtime, increased productivity and improved security.

So what is holding back medium to large enterprises from switching to Westech then?

Firstly, switching tech partners seems like a long and massive undertaking. A typical IT setup normally consists of computers, servers, a network infrastructure consisting of a router & a firewall, connecting the company to the internet and also a telephone system.

With Westech we simplify this by conducting an IT Audit (Tech Review) first. Here we establish how the business can leverage technology for greater efficiencies and profits. We have a proven track record and years of experience which is why we know how to locate and fix problem areas, upgrade, replace and support your entire IT infrastructure, IT Hardware, Software and provide IT Support Staff. During this process we provide you with your own IT Auditor to guide you through the whole process.

The fact remains that the right IT partner will contribute to your bottom line in the long run while the wrong partner will cost you unnecessary money & lead to frustration that could have been prevented.

With Westech you’ll enjoy a streamlined partnership that will help you achieve your business goals faster. Westech is regarded as one of the top IT Companies in South Africa and is one of South Africa’s leading Managed Service Providers in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We have a nationwide presence, amazing onsite and offsite support, reliable service & cutting edge technology options available.

We design IT solutions and offer comprehensive IT support. So what are you waiting for, book your IT Audit (Tech Review) with us today: