At Westech, our IT Support staff is highly skilled in solving some of the most common and frustrating IT Problems faced by users daily.

Being an IT Company, we aim to facilitate computer users through easily accessible articles on solving some of the most common and intricate IT issues faced and reported by users to our IT Support staff through either in-house outsourced IT Support staff or remote IT Support..

The following is a list of common IT problem-related issues / questions asked and solutions to resolving those issues:

Why is my computer so slow?

  • Computers tend to slow down throughout continuous usage which may result due to several reasons. For instance, having too many startup programs which will be required to be disabled, the hard drive is almost full for which you can deep clean to remove unnecessary files. Or maybe having a virus for which you should run a malware scan, several programs running at once and consuming processing power for which you will be required to shut down inessential programs.

Forgot email password, email password recovery

  • Email password recovery:
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • You will be asked security questions to confirm your identity.
  • Then you will be required to enter your Recovery e-mail address or Phone number and get a verification code
  • Check for a password reset email
  • Proceed to click on the provided URL in the email
  • Enter in a new password

Why does my password have to be so complex?

  • Complex passwords help in protecting access to a user’s personal information and avoid password hacking. Tools to hack simple passwords are freely available; as a result, the user must use strong and complex passwords to prevent access to unauthorised individuals. An intricate password with specialized characters is commonly recommended by IT Support, which has no understandable connection to the user.

Where do I find an online free Password Generator?

Trustable Online Free Password Generators are as follows:

How to setup email on outlook?

  • Click on File, then Info, and then Account Settings
  • When the Account Settings dialog box opens, click New
  • Enter your name, then new email address and password and click Next
  • When the Advanced Setup box, choose the mail server type.
  • When prompted to enter your password, then enter your password.
  • Click Connect and at the end on the confirmation screen, click on Done.

Why is my Wi-Fi not working?

There are many reasons as to why Wi-Fi may not work, solutions to which are recommended by IT Support are as follows:

  • Restarting the wireless router or modem to fix the Wi-Fi
  • Check to see whether the Wi-Fi signals are being blocked
  • Ensuring that the laptops wireless adapter is enabled
  • Verifying whether the security key and SSID are accurate
  • Changing the Wi-Fi frequency and channeling it

Why is my internet not working?

  • Occasionally, your IT Company providing your internet service may be facing technical issues which results in your Wi-Fi being connected but the internet not working. In which case, you will be required to contact your ISP or perform a factory reset on the router and set it up again.

What is cloud computing?

  • Cloud computing is a common term for the technology which involves the process of delivering hosted services, with the combined use of software and hardware, to the end-users over the Internet. It is possible to access databases, storage, remote servers, and various application services whenever you require it.

How to speed up computer?

Computers are liable to slow down over a while; this issue can be resolved by:

  • Disabling programs which start running upon Start-Up
  • Turning on automated Windows maintenance
  • Getting fixing suggestions from the Performance Monitor tool
  • Cleaning out the hard disk
  • Defragmenting the hard disk
  • Changing the power settings
  • Killing bloatware

What is a computer virus & what antivirus cleaner to use?

  • A computer virus is a type of malicious program which modifies the way a computer operates and is designed to spread from one computer to another. It activates by being inserted within or attached to a host document or program. While doing so, it can be liable to cause damaging and unforeseen effects. For instance, it can harm the system software by destroying or corrupting valuable data. Examples of certain computer viruses are Trojan horses, worms, browser hijackers, etc.

The best antivirus cleaner tools are as follows:

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