Westech, A Preferred Global Tech Partner

The computer won’t turn on, the office network is down, computers have been hit by ransomware or worst of all, hacked. All of these issues aren’t just problematic to deal with, but also cost precious time and lose companies money. Westech is now solving these problems in South Africa and around the globe. Most [...]

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Slow Internet affecting productivity?

One of the biggest frustrations in your business is slow internet and network connectivity, everyone knows that. How often do you have a day free of connectivity and network hassles? At Westech, we’re the experts at providing hassle-free connectivity, helping you stay efficient. Westech CEO Roy Westfehling, an industry [...]

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What IT Network Downtime means for your business

IT Network downtime is something that probably affects your company, so you know that you lose not only the time your network is down, but you lose all the momentum you had before your network crashed. How many times have you lost hours or even days to network downtime? Probably too many to [...]

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Cyber Hygiene

Getting the right IT security hygiene solution to protect against the threat of cyber attacks is crucial. Fortinet has announced their latest findings on the Global landscape Report. Everyone contributes to the hygiene of the network- make your environment as hard to penetrate as you can. This report reveals that poor cybersecurity hygiene and risky application usage enables destructive [...]

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4.8 Million Affected by Chrome Extension Attacks

About eight Chrome browser extensions were compromised in the last 3months and the attacker used them to steal Cloudflare credentials and serve up malicious ads. Always stay protected, don`t open emails that has dodgy links or proof of payments that you don`t know In June, July and August, developers of the following Chrome extensions [...]

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Roy Westfehling speaks about JT Foxx

In January 2016, I attended a JT Foxx event at the Silver Star Casino. I almost did not attend this event because it was fairly far out of my way and looked for excuses not to go, however I was encouraged to go because some of my staff had attended another JT Foxx event, [...]

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