Roy Westfehling speaks about JT Foxx 1In January 2016, I attended a JT Foxx event at the Silver Star Casino. I almost did not attend this event because it was fairly far out of my way and looked for excuses not to go, however I was encouraged to go because some of my staff had attended another JT Foxx event, hosted by Coach D 2 months earlier and they felt it was worthwhile to go and so.. I did that… writes Roy Westfehling


Roy Westfehling speaks about JT Foxx 2This was however, not the first time I had met JT. I first met JT at the Richard Branson event held at the Sandton Convention centre 3 years earlier.   I was curious to see what JT had achieved in the past 3 years but was more humbled by what I had actually missed out on because I hadn’t taken up any coaching until this point. I knew I needed coaching, was still looking and was more annoyed with myself for not having started sooner. One of those bitter pills…

I found the event full of useful information and I had taken plenty notes. Even if I had not signed up for some coaching, I had already absorbed lots of great content.  Towards the end of the presentation, JT started “Reading” the audience and of course picked me out. Yes I sat in the front. I always do, which is something I would encourage anyone if you want to gain the maximum benefit at any event. JT was quite accurate in his reading of me however, I must point out that had JT not pulled me aside afterwards, I would not have taken things further with his organization. It was the personal interaction that JT gave me that convinced me to work with him. From this point on, my life changed completely.

Since that event and now a year and a half later, I am consistently being encouraged by JT personally as well as his great team. They have done a fantastic job on guiding me and my company in the right direction.

One month after that initial event, I joined another seminar and had a one on one with JT, when he suggested that I should attend personal coaching with him and his team and so… I did that.

The coaching started in Thailand at JT’s house. Here I met with several of his other professional coaches and we talked through the business and listened to various workable solutions.  I knew what I needed to do but had no idea where to start. The tasks that lay ahead of me where overwhelming and it actually became very uncomfortable. JT teaches “become used to being uncomfortable” so.. I did that.

 What happens when being coached is that collectively you come up with so many new great ideas that your head starts to spin, almost frustratingly.  Having so many great ideas is wonderful but when it’s not organised, it’s no fun and I’m sure you can relate. So what happened then was I was guided to use the blue print. This is a detailed structured plan of your business and when followed correctly, it will steer you in the direction to certain success and so…I did that.

Roy Westfehling speaks about JT Foxx 3I started an IT Support, Tech Support and IT Services company in South Africa 22 years ago and have been relatively successful for some time, however I did not know how to grow this business. This is ultimately when I decided I needed and wanted JT’s coaching. After many years in the business, one becomes complacent and without the correct team on your side, it becomes very challenging. With JT and his professional team on my side, I was encouraged to continue with coaching and so….. I did that.

The areas I focused on first was, knowing the numbers. I looked at the financials of the company and it was clear that I needed to make some improvements. I followed the unique and structured hiring techniques taught to me in Thailand, implemented them and then hired a really good bookkeeper. From this point the business began to change for the better. We had addressed the areas that needed focus and followed the blue print and aligned the structured plan to allow us to gain momentum.

I then drew my attention to the relationships I had with my customers and my staff. I addressed them so that I could get the productivity in the company on an upward momentum and to reconnect with existing customers.

Now that the basic had been addressed, I started on the marketing ideas and programs which I was encouraged to do. The marketing is the aspect of the business that brings it all together. I found that through the coaching, without correcting the basics, which I thought I had waxed, the marketing would be ineffective because the business would certainly collapse with the volume of new business it would generate. If the foundation was not solid, my team would not cope. I was further guided to structure the marketing in such a way that online marketing was key and this then would become the focal point of the growth and so….I did that.

Roy Westfehling speaks about JT Foxx 4Roy Westfehling presenting new ideas and strategies for IT Support and Tech Support to the audience at a JT Foxx event in South Africa

Today, my company has a solid foundation, a super strong team and an explosive marketing campaign in place which is generating several “quality” leads a day. I am now growing the business across the country and we are also attracting several global companies who want to appoint us to handle their IT operations in South Africa.

As the business continues to grow and strengthen, I find myself working on the business and not in it. A position I always wanted to be in and could not have been achieved without coaching and I can one hundred percent guarantee that. What I am now dealing with is how to manage the volume of new business. Again a situation of getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

I set aside my early mornings to handle strategy as coached. I re-read parts of JT’s book, listen to the marketing CD’s, refer to the wealth workout program and give gratitude for what is being achieved. Furthermore, I also attend the Family Reunions, monthly Intelligent Millionaires Network both in Cape Town and Johannesburg and make an effort to attend all JT Foxx events. The reason I do this is because there is always something new and exciting at his events. There is always a new opportunity to meet the 1 person that will allow me to grow even bigger and to eventually help me become the number 1 Tech Support company in South Africa and that is certain because of the successful ongoing coaching.  I have met the most amazing dynamic people on the planet for which I am very thank for. The company is on track to reach target and the key from me was to work with one organization, be coachable, stay focused and put in the hard work and ….I did exactly that!

Thank you to my coach.. JT Foxx!

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