Westech started from humble beginnings 24 years ago in a garage. We have become a strong business over time, learning and adapting to the constant and fast paced change and development in our great industry.

This month we celebrate 24 years of success within the South African market and we are proud of our achievements in this space. Not only do we have wonderful clients but have built tremendously strong partnerships with them.

There are many companies that can offer IT Support but not all have identified the speed at which our customers require accurate, fast support. It’s the need for instant access to information that has created the demand for faster service and Westech has developed our people and our internal systems & IT Maintenance & Support SLA’s we subsequently offer our clients to match this need.

With many new technologies on the horizon, we embrace the constant change that our industry has to offer and are looking forward to the next several years of delivering great service to our growing clients base.

We have learned to get along with our competitors and work well with them. Equally we have formed great relationships with our local distributors and global partners, such as Dell and Microsoft, and I personally thank you for affording us the opportunities to work with you to bring prodigious technologies to the companies that embrace this with the same passion as we do.

Thank you

Roy Westfehling