If you’re serious about your business goals you can’t let downtime get in your way. At Westech we’ll ensure that you have 81% less downtime within just one week. We firmly believe that businesses should have an IT Strategy in place and help them get the same results. Start by letting us conduct an audit of your current IT structure so we can diagnose weaknesses, lower your costs and get your business the best possible solutions.

By assessing the status quo we have been known to improve IT structures & to not only minimize downtime but to also perform three times faster than other IT Support companies.

With the right strategy in place we help businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively with minimal manpower, reducing the cost of doing business whilst maximizing productivity.  Technology has the ability to streamline operating costs through instant access to supplies and information.

At Westech we understand the importance of an IT strategy and the difference it can make to a business because we’ve seen it. We are one of SA’s leading Managed IT Service providers with a track record of outstanding service levels and cutting edge technologies. We offer this service to clients wherever they are located.

With globalization we have recognized the need for global companies to receive a high standard of support in South Africa. We service local and international businesses with the latest in IT support & IT technology. We begin with the right IT strategy and ensure that we assist in working towards your business goals.

If you’re interested in partnering with an IT support company that offers IT solutions at your fingertips, unparalleled service and understands the importance of strategy than start by booking a Technology Review, also known as an IT Audit with us so you can experience the difference for yourself: