IT Network downtime is something that probably affects your company, so you know that you lose not only the time your network is down, but you lose all the momentum you had before your network crashed.

How many times have you lost hours or even days to network downtime? Probably too many to count. Westech have put together something to give you some perspective on your loses.

Take a look at this downtime Calculator

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Having a strong IT Network infrastructure is the foundation for maximizing productivity. With the latest tech and premium connectivity, your team is able to perform at their best.

As a customer centric IT Company, Westech is committed to designing an IT Solutions for customers that suit individual needs and specifications, ensuring the perfect complete IT solution is implemented.

It’s time that you chose a solution that removed your IT frustrations and headaches. Westech has been providing IT services to medium sized businesses across South Africa for 23 years. A dedication to customer service and solving customer problems is at the heart of Westech’s drive and we’re ready to help your business boom.