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The whole point of IT is to speed processes up, not down.

What’s the point of an SLA?

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The digital world is consistently changing, both software and hardware – but because it is, a lot of people begin to dismiss it. Literally.

Let’s face it, very few people read the terms and conditions of software updates, and even if you do – somebody in your company definitely doesn’t, and just one wrong move like that could result in losing data, systems shutting down or not working as they should, connectivity issues. Basically, everything that could go wrong can go wrong with the click of a button.

Why don’t we read it?

When we asked that, did your memory just jump back to a time you just clicked “I agree to the terms and conditions” because it was the brand of the software on your trusty phone or computer?

That’s just one of the thousands of ways it could all go wrong. This is why we exist.

The reason why it is better to have an SLA with us is that with the digital world evolving so quickly, there are new threats every single day.

The digital world is a race, really, and IT is the unbeatable, popular school jock – and Westech is his coach. Not only do we know how to keep up with him, but we know tricks to beat him too. We make sure that you have the best gear, a balanced diet, daily massages, and strategies that are tailored specifically for you and your goals – ensuring that you are fit, healthy, and ready to win any race, no matter how difficult or long it may be.

Enough with the metaphors – let’s chat IT. So, how exactly does this benefit me?

Well, it’s simple, really. Think of an SLA as a relationship. Whoops – here goes some more metaphors!

What we offer

1. We love spending time with you, so we offer a cheaper hourly rate

2. Quicker response because seeing you makes our day

3. Dedicated to managing your accounts, because we always want to make sure you’re doing well

4. We know you well, so we can sort out issues a lot faster

5. Viruses, ransomware, and malware threats are a thing of the past

6. We support your goals, so we make sure that everything is running at optimum levels, so you rake in the cash dollar you deserve

7. We want you to understand us as we know you, so we lay it all on the table with a fully documented site with simple access to all the info you need

8. What is a relationship without loyalty? It’s so important to us that we have a program for it, rewarding loyalty with lower prices for hardware and software

Basically, we cover all the bases for;

1. Improvement of staff productivity

2. More money

3. Better performance from you, your staff and your IT systems

4. No need to sweat the IT stuff

What types of SLA’s are there?

Westech SLA’s are custom designed to match the requirements of the business, the market it serves and the industry. There is no off the shelf product. We consult with business owners, CEO’s, MD’s and FD’s to identify what the Tech Critical aspects of the business are, which are most important and then build a new SLA around these points. This is essential to ensure that the productivity of your staff is effective and maximised on.

Wait, so do I have the same relationship with you as all of your other clients?

No, no, no! Obviously, none of our relationships are exactly the same. Your business and your goals shape who we are in that relationship. We get to know you, identify the IT Critical aspects of your business, which ones are most important to you, and then we go and build the foundation of our relationship (the SLA) based on this.

Seeing Each Other or Serious?

Seeing Each Other

There’s no fixed time – we charge you per hour of support per month.

This relationship includes server, network, and workstations monitoring agent software and Antivirus.

Backups and cloud storage are managed daily, ensuring that all local and offsite data copies are secure and readily available.


The only difference is that it is a fixed cost, fixed time – which includes unlimited support and travelling.

This one also includes server, network, and workstations monitoring agent software and Antivirus.

Backups and cloud storage are managed daily, ensuring that there all local and offsite data copies are secure and readily available.

Give us a call to suss us out or organise a date with us to get this love train rolling.


It’s understandable not to trust a company who toots their own horn, so here are some genuine reviews from trusty Google and Facebook.

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