Westech’s CEO, Roy talks about how Westech offers assistance in the restructuring of companies IT infrastructure and changing the way companies now do business.

Where do I start?

As business owners eagerly bring their operations back into full swing, one question that remains prevalent to many, is “What can I change and where do I start”.

It is certainly daunting as there is much to do and consider. Areas like daily Operations, Finance, Marketing, HR, Sales and IT Systems will need to be revisited to ensure a smoother operation going forward and so perhaps strategy needs to be looked at too.

There are defiantly opportunities to bring change to these areas because as some business owners would have seen the true colours of their staff during the past 2 months. Some would have absolutely shot the lights out, while other did the very minimum or nothing at all. The same could apply to service providers, partners and suppliers.

I bring up these points because I have seen this first hand over the past 8 weeks and have adapted to these changes. In hindsight, these changes should have been done long ago.

During the next level of lockdown, some staff will continue to work from home while others will resume their normal operation in the office.

With the sudden shift to work remotely at the end of March, most companies have done so successfully and with this in mind, as a working solution, business will not be the same. There is therefor opportunity to make the necessary changes.

As one of the several areas of a business, a good logical and next step business owners should consider is addressing their IT Systems and Service Providers. The Digital Shift to the Cloud seems to be the buzzword, but what does that really mean. To put it simply, Move your Servers to a Data Center or get rid of them and migrate your critical data into an online platform with a trusted Service Provider to manage.

The costs to maintain local servers will fall away and be replaced with monthly hosting costs, but they do not need to be expensive solutions. Its at this point that an IT Audit of existing infrastructure is advised so that one can reassess what is actually needed and what isn’t. Whilst addressing IT Systems and IT Infrastructure, its also a good idea to calculate what you should be paying for IT Support and related IT Services.  A lot has changed and there are several simpler and far more cost effective solutions available now than in the past.

A great question to ask is, how did your IT Service Providers deliver recently….

It may be time to look at a new Service Provider. If your business needs guidance on this, please feel free to get in touch with us.