Have you thought about how the right IT structure and strategy can catapult you forward in 2020? If you are still on Windows 7 read about why you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 10 here. This is only one of many factors to consider when planning for the beginning of a new decade for you and your business.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Budget
If you hold a leadership position within an organization you understand the importance of budgeting. As most organisations have become reliant on technology it is now more important than ever to ensure maximum uptime. Make sure all your hardware and software needs are covered and that you have no security threats so you can focus on simply doing your job. Led your IT strategy lead your IT budget. Rule number 1: Have an IT Strategy!

2. Safety and security over the festive season 
Once you are on your well-deserved break this festive season the last thing you want to sort out will be internet security issues. Have you made sure your information will be safe over the festive season? If not Find out if your network is secure with one of our Security Specialists.

3. Have the right equipment and IT infrastructure in place

Westech is known to increase uptime to help technology driven organisations achieve 81% less downtime within 1 week so they can have peace of mind and can focus on their core business without any IT interruptions.

Here’s what we recommend: Book an IT review with Westech and get it for free if you sign before 2020!