As with any other industry; there is a certain stigma around IT companies and the people who work for them. The IT guy is often seen as someone who talks in code and doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t relate to computers, the internet or software. In the 90’s businesses started popping up embracing this, but Westech has always been different.

Our team is comprised of members who understand business strategy and the role IT plays in helping businesses achieve their goals. We understand that one size does not fit all and that our customers need help understanding the benefits technology has for them.

We like to think of ourselves as nice guys who happen to understand technology and can relay it to you. With the emergence of many new technological developments at lightning speed the best thing we can do is make known for our partners what will really benefit their productivity, bottom line and future. At the end of the day we solemnly believe human connection will always be more important than an internet connection.

This is why we believe the IT Helpdesk is still more relevant than ever. People want to talk to people and know that someone is working on fixing their problem. We’re known to be three times as fast as our competitors in resolving problems and our absolute dedication to removing frustration and helping businesses is surely why.

Our staff goes on regular training sessions to ensure they are able to help clients in a way that adds value and gets to the root of the problem quicker. Because we listen we are able to offer businesses 81% less downtime in just one week once we’ve done an IT audit.

Westech will be able to understand your business needs and we’re able to give you IT solutions in a language you understand. We offer less downtime, increased productivity and quick, effective solutions when problems arise.