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We have provided companies across South Africa with professional, reliable IT Support and Managed Services since 1994. We understand that IT should optimise your business, not slow it down.

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It’s important to us that your business stays connected. Slow, unreliable connections reduce productivity and damage efficiency.

Whether you need Fibre, ADSL, VDSL, 4G/LTE, WiMax, Diginet or Neotel solutions, Westech provides superior service and support.

Make sure you choose a Connectivity Provider that is flexible and responds to the needs of your business.

IT Connectivity Solutions

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Why Connect with Westech?

A properly installed network forms the backbone of every stable network. IT infrastructure consists of two core aspects. A local area network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN). LAN and WAN infrastructure must also be designed correctly to ensure that your businesses objectives are met. Our LAN infrastructure consists of cabling (Ethernet and Fibre Optic) and specifically chosen switches to give you the speed that your users need to enhance their productivity.
Our WAN infrastructure is based on automatic failover and guaranteed connectivity to the Web at all times. These solutions are engineered around the limitations of the common ADSL solutions which are no longer effective.

With many users being mobile and where “on the go” connectivity is critical, your solution must be tailored to accommodate remote connectivity to your mail and data servers at any time of the day or night.


IT Solution Specialists

You need to partner with a company who can give you 100% uptime. This can only be done if the following have been addressed which we will assist with: Power, Failover Firewall, 2 or 3 independent internet connections. Because we have the correct relationships, we can implement as guaranteed solution within a week.
Our connectivity solutions from the team at Cape Town in South Africa will guarantee you to stay connected. We have a solution for your business and its tailored for you so that your mission critical applications such as mail and accounting are never interrupted.
1 ADSL line is simply not sufficient in today’s bandwidth demanding applications. We will Guarantee your internet “Up – Time” once we have completed an Audit and rollout of the correct solution for your company.

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“Morning Roy, Thanks! Very impressive delivery time. This now puts us in the perfect position for the other computers that will be bought by Geodis. Heike is also happy with the pricing, I’m happy that’s she happy so it’s a win, win. Thank you Tiny for your assistance and making sure everything went smoothly this time. ”

― Tasi Naidoo

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