Technology has become an integral part of most – if not all – businesses. In fact, companies have become so reliant on technology that without the right software, hardware or efficient IT support businesses will might not survive. This is why it is up to CEO’s & MD’s to make technology an absolute priority in their business if they take productivity seriously.

In a globalised, connected era technology plays a major part in productivity and communication and in short without the right tech partner, businesses are at risk of having an increased amount of downtime which directly translates to losing money. At Westech, be believe it is incredibly important, that as an IT company, we understand business strategy. We play an important role in helping businesses achieve less downtime to be able to reach the goals they have set out to achieve.

We ensure 81% less downtime in just one week – and less downtime directly translates to better productivity for your business. This is why we are known as South Africa’s preferred IT company. Find out how much productivity you loose with our very own Downtime Calculator.

With an innovative loyalty program, Lifi, Fibre and other productivity options we ensure businesses can be as productive as possible. The right IT partner will ensure your needs; be they email, internet or connectivity fail-overs, are covered. By using the latest in IT Support & IT Services Westech allows you to simply direct your focus to your core business.

Our comprehensive array of IT Support services are helping us prove that good, fast & efficient customer service can be synonymous with IT Support. We make sure your needs; be they email, internet or connectivity fail-overs, are covered.

Choose from On-site or Off-site Outsourced IT Support it is worth contacting them about a Support Level Agreement (SLA) Contract – available across South Africa – to suit your business and its unique needs.

Having the right technology in place saves executives time and money. Request your IT Audit / Tech Review from us today and switch to the company that performs three times faster than other IT Companies: