One of the most commonly asked questions, in fact the number 1 most commonly asked question on Google is, “What is my IP address”. No longer a secret, this search term is searched for over 3.3 million times per month according to an SEO article which talks about the most commonly asked questions on Google and why it is important for SEO purposes to know what this means to us. The fact that it is searched for so much we needed to come up with an article on it.

Westech’s IT Support team are more than familiar with the search term, what is my IP address, as this is used on a daily basis for the average IT support staff.

Here we have implemented a plugin which pulls through your IP address, so the IP address you see below is your ip address of your device which you are viewing this article from.



What is an IP Address?

An IP address stands for Internet Protocol. The IP address a logical numeric address which is either randomly or fixed and is assigned to every single IT Device, computer, printer, scanner, server, etc which is found on a TCP/IP-based network.

What is an IP Address Lookup

The function of an IP address lookup determines the geolocation of an IP address. Results of the IP address lookup reports to you city, region, postal code, country name, ISP, and your time zone.

Why do so many people search for the search term, what is my IP address?

Depending on what IT Network you are configured on, your IP address may change daily or even more than once daily depending on how long the IP address lease may be. You may be on a fixed IP address network in which case you will not need to know your IP address but an IT support technician may want to know your IP address and ask you to top into Google “what is my IP address” so that they can connect to your computer over a dos window or other more modern IT connect icy IT support tool.