In the last two years, a number of superior connectivity options have become available across South Africa. Ultra-fast connectivity is an essential part of ensuring high levels of productivity.

Nothing drains energy and enthusiasm like a slow or intermittent connection to the internet! We’ve got a number of product offerings for you as well as a couple of tips to help optimise your connectivity.

First, let’s just briefly talk about fibre connections, who can have them and what it means to have fibre internet. The biggest bonus is that you no longer have to be connected to the telecommunications network belonging to a certain rather inefficient parastatal. Great news! This means you now can connect via a service provider of your choice.
Fibre means you don’t rely on poor quality copper infrastructure and old telephone exchanges for a connection. Your connection is guaranteed to be super-fast, whether you choose 4Mbps or 100Mbps. If you’re used an old Telkom 4Mbps line, fibre will blow your socks off. Sounds good, no?

The issue we’re facing in South Africa right now is reasonably priced access to fast, reliable internet. If you want 100Mbps uncapped fibre, you’re looking at laying out between R3000 and R5000 per month. Yep, this is a tall order for small to medium sized businesses.

So what other options are there out there? Well, quite a few.

1) Get faster ADSL, known as VDSL
2) Get connected to the fibre network and bite the bullet of the cost
3) Explore 4G and LTE options
4) Let us design a connectivity solution to suit your needs and your budget

There are a vast number of connectivity solutions available for you and your business. We know the connectivity landscape and we’ll get to know your business so we can find the best solution for you.

Read all about our connectivity solutions here or contact us to find out more