Ransomware is becoming increasingly common, with widespread epidemics affecting hundreds of thousands of networks across the globe. Don’t think it’s just corporates or big companies that are affected.

Westech Protects you from Ransomware 1

We deal with cases every week of people like you who open a dodgy email or click on a funny link and by the time they realise their mistake, it’s too late and their computer is locked. Westech has devised a solution which is working for companies with up to 100 computers.

Ransomware takes control of your computer and locks all of your files. A countdown and a message appear on the screen instructing you to deposit a sum of money into a BitCoin wallet for the safe release of your files.

Westech has a tried and tested 5-point action plan to help you protect your data from ransomware!

Our Plan for You:

  1. A proper risk assessment is conducted first before we implement our security solutions.

  2. We maximize network redundancy to ensure up-time using 5 proven methods

  3. We have developed our own set of IT security solutions to block ransomware

  4. We secure customers mail and data from threats by moving them to secure, easily accessible locations

  5. We have developed a secure ransomware prevention plan to ensure data is always safe

Did you know that the last outbreak of ransomware, called WannaCry, which hit more than 100 countries did not did not affect a single one of our 80 client’s networks?

What are you waiting for? Get protected before it’s too late!

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