In a world where technology is in our homes, cars, at work, factories, transport and in sport, there will always be a demand for skilled, IT Support Technicians.

Technology is an ever-evolving part of our lives and access to it has become a fundamental part of how we go about our day. Technology goes back to 1894, when the first Radio was developed which was an extremely important bit of technology from where big advancements to Information Technology began. The first large-scale automated digital computer, “The Mark”, was created by Harvard University around 1940. From there, the rest is history.

Today and specifically in South Africa, there is a shortage of IT Support Technicians, which ranges from  Junior IT Support Technicians to skilled IT Support Technicians. IT Companies such as Westech and many others nationally and globally, require these skills to deliver fast and efficient services to organizations, big and small, so that businesses can operate optimally in our economy and essentially “keep things going”. Without a working network, stable connectivity, reliable laptops & desktop computers and servers, businesses simply cannot operate. The need for experienced IT Support Technicians is therefore a growing demand and will be so for the foreseeable future.

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The role of an IT Support Technician or Engineer,  is not a specific one but rather a combination of several skills which begins with having a great attitude towards customer service as these people will almost always be customer-facing, physically or remotely. The role of an IT Support Technician therefor encompasses People Skills, Customer Service, Networking, Software & Hardware troubleshooting, Laptop & Device repair skills as well as a good understanding of the cloud infrastructure environment like Azure and AWS for more Senior Technicians.

For organizations like Westech, there are two primary types of support roles for IT Technicians. Office-based support, focusing primarily on remote Tier 1 type support for Junior IT Technicians and Tier 2, which generally go out to visit businesses and perform onsite repairs and maintenance of computers and network infrastructure. A Tier 3 IT Support Technician, is generally based in the office performing advanced Server and Networking, setups, configurations and maintenance functions for businesses across South Africa.

There are other opportunities for Junior IT Support Technicians as well as Tier 2 & 3 which is to be based onsite at Clients of Westech. These staff are generally managed by the business where she/he is posted. However, they are employed by Westech.

Being a IT Support Technician does not necessarily mean you will only be physically fixing computers but also requires you to have remote support skills. Here you would need software skills as well as online troubleshooting skills too and this skill is generally picked up over time when gaining experience. Qualifications required are MCSE and Client Service as well as A+ and N+. Other Microsoft, Dell, HP and Apple Mac certifications are necessary to secure a top position.

When Westech employs technical staff, we look for people with a dual technical skillset having PC and Mac Support Knowledge. This is essential because of the mix of devices that businesses have and how they integrate with cloud-based services.

In conclusion, it is imperative that anyone looking to become a IT Support Technician, as a starting point in their career, must have a great attitude towards solving problems for people. A “How can I help you” mindset is key to a truly successful journey in this field.

If you are looking to join Westech and become a part of a successful business and you have the right attitude and skillset, then you are more than welcome to submit your CV’s to [email protected].  Only candidates that meet the minimum criteria will be considered. Please refrain from “winging it” or “Fake it till.. you make it”. That does not work in our business as we have a four round interview process and you will not get past the phone call. You MUST be qualified.