It makes business sense and it’s a simple process.

South Africa is facing some tough times, however business cannot stop! IT Infrastructure needs to run at optimum levels in order for any company to be efficient and productive and even more so into 2019 and beyond.

Most companies still struggle with good internet infrastructure because it’s expensive or slow and therefor still have servers hosted locally and not in the cloud and that’s ok. Westech still supports these type of environment and will do so for the next few years to come.

The move into the cloud comes with costs, the primary one being a strong internet connection and the monthly costs to host. Although the costs are dropping, it’s still an expensive option.

Business still need strong servers for file storage and quick access financial applications, a good firewall for it security and a fast network. Buying this outright can become expensive however financing these critical parts of the network makes it affordable allowing you to run at the optimum speeds that companies need to stay productive and efficient.

Westech now offers really affordable solutions to make IT work for you. Keep your working capital liquid, improve cash flow and use the tax benefits.

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