Staying safe, everyday.

It’s important that you take steps every day to protect your private information, pictures, conversations or banking information. Hackers lurk everywhere, waiting for the opportunity to gain access to sensitive data which they can sell or use for extortion.

Over the last several years, there have been a number of high-profile hacking incidents that have made international headlines. These are not isolated cases, they’re just the ones that have been noticed in the media. No one is safe.

We’ve put together a short list of 5 very important tips which can help you to keep your private information safe.

1) Use varied, strong passwords. It’s vital to use a different password for each account you have. Avoid passwords with your name, sequential numbers or letters. Use a combination of letters, numerals and symbols.

2) Be careful about what you click. If something seems even a little suspicious, do not click on it.

3) Do not use public computers for personal or private activities. Always do your banking on your own personal computer.

4) Have a solid Firewall and Anti-Virus set up. A Firewall prevents unwanted access from outside devices.

5) Make sure you know what information about you is online. Never put anything up which could be used against you in any way.

There you have it: Westech’s tips for keeping out of Harm’s way in the digital world. Always keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity on any of your accounts.

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