What is AI? 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is simply the science of teaching machines to do tasks humans would otherwise need to do. By programming a machine to understand and process visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages we can teach machines to help us to do certain tasks. Good examples are self-driving cars or intelligent personal assistants like Siri or Alexa.

Artificial intelligence is usually depicted as futuristic robots or chaos, but when controlled and understood AI can be beneficial to businesses and employees by helping to sort through increased data volumes, understanding advanced algorithms, to recognize where improvements can be made and to help with storage by recognizing patterns. Artificial intelligence has the potential to supplement some of the tasks we do and makes us better at it.

AI will always need a capable human being to input algorithms into it to be able to perform the task at hand and to continuously improve outcomes. This essentially means that those who understand technology can benefit greatly from the fast-paced, changing era we live in right now. Businesses who understand the importance of data and how AI can help understand and predict important patterns in consumer behaviour.

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