Keep your information safe, secured and accessible.

Is Your Network Secure?

Using our mini security audit below will help you get a better idea of how secure your network really is.

  • Do you have an anti-virus on your server and workstations?
  • Do you have threat protection on your email?
  • Do you have a firewall with analyzer software?
  • Do you have email archiving?
  • Is your critical data backed up off site?
  • Does your current IT Company control your network or do you?
  • Is your security monitored efficiently and do you know when you are being hacked?

  • Is your server locked down (do users have free reign to everything on your server) sufficiently?

  • Are you secure from an internal point of view? Your biggest threat is your internal users because they have no concept of what they are doing.

With the right security in place moving to the cloud is easy and safe!