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We have provided companies across South Africa with professional, reliable IT Support and Managed Services since 1994. We understand that IT should optimise your business, not slow it down.

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It’s time to move your business to the Cloud with Hosted Services. Why waste time and energy with outdated and unreliable technology and risk physical damage or loss?

BCloud Computing has been around for over a decade. The most common types of Cloud Services are Hosted Exchange (E-mail), Website Hosting (Website) and Share Point (File System)

All this means is that your IT Services are hosted in a DataCenter somewhere in the world, safe and secure from hackers, theft or damage.

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Why Do I Need Hosted Services?

With greater business growth comes increased need to data storage and access capabilities. By limiting yourself to physical, onsite data storage and access, you limit the growth of your business. Onsite physical data storage leaves you vulnerable to theft or damage, viruses and systems failures which could cost you millions of rands in lost or stolen sensitive data

At Westech, We have a wide range of hosted services which will make your data accessible from anywhere at any time, safe from theft or damage and cost effective. Use the latest technology. Call us today!


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Since 1994, Westech is one of South Africa’s leading Managed Service Providers with a superb record of outstanding service levels and cutting edge technologies. We offer this service to clients, wherever they are located.
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