At Westech, our IT Support staff are highly skilled in solving some of the most common and annoying IT Problems faced daily.

Being an IT Company, we have begun writing IT Support articles on how to fix some of the most commonly faced IT problems being reported to our IT Support staff.

Herewith a list of common, popular IT Problems / Questions asked and solutions to fixing these problems.

  1. Why is my computer so slow.
  2. Forgot email password, email password recovery.
  3. Why does my password have to be so complex.
  4. Where do I find an online free Password Generator.
  5. How to setup email on outlook
  6. Why is my wifi not working
  7. Why is my internet not working
  8. What is cloud computing
  9. How to speed up computer
  10. What is a computer virus & what antivirus cleaner to use.