IT Networking

A strong IT infrastructure for your network will often make the difference between happy users and frustrated users.

Our networks are built by our team at Cape Town in South Africa on a strong infrastructure. If you want a stable network without down time for your company. Call us to setup an appointment for a Network Audit. – R1499.00 including vat.

Whether you are a large corporate with multiple branches or a single branch SME we all rely on strong computer networks. All businesses depend on reliable computer networks in order to run efficiently and smoothly.

What do We Offer You?

Computer Network Audit

We’ll assess your network infrastructure for free

Computer Network Installation

Professional network installation by experienced technicians

Computer Network Maintenance

Proactive maintenance means less downtime


If you’re looking for higher data transfer speeds, try our fibre optic network services

Why do You Need Westech?

There are two crucial issues that assist with the success and running of a business. These are information and communication. Without one or the other, a business would simply not survive. Most companies have more than phone, fax machine and other handheld devices.

Communication still seems to be a big problem.

Networking is a vital part of business. It has also become an important part of life as a whole. When two or more machines network together, they are able to share essential information and resources.

Westech Systems provides IT support to organisations to ensure that information and communication systems are working.